Stop, Pause
Play to Win
For My City
Pipe Dream
I Need You
I Want You to Know
Until Forever
Love Is
Whole Spot Rockin

Stop, Pause
Verse 1
They can’t keep me in a box, like a 1-4 zone
Step up in the booth with the two threes on, its on
Jab-step, jumper + drive, triple threating
Not afraid of man-made weapons, I’m giving lessons
This chick, said that I ain’t look like a rapper,
I said, “what a rapper look like…oh…you mean and actor?”
Miss, I ain’t the kind that you find in a wrapper,
This that Tyradactle, that colossal raptor (Ahh)
This for the church in the wild
Listen, I know you ain’t been here in a while, still
My bars a teach ya
It’s love when they greet ya
It don’t take my 16s to see this new creature, now…

Verse 2
It’s Coreywayneonthemic, on the mic and I’m just getting started,
territories uncharted and I ain’t even charted,
One thing I am and will be is real regardless,
you put that with my art, you get a real artist,
This ain’t that counterfeit gangsta life
naw I keep it Gucci like the real price
it’s real life, not that hollywood reel life
that’s reeling men into bars of steel life
Still, I stand behind mine like a inmate
Cause I was guilty as charged for pushing sins weight
Was Alabama with my sins so crimson, now I’m a witness to the fact He forgives them

Verse 3
Yeah, I’ve been set up right but the world that I’m living in, is still off kilter check,
check they equilibrium
gorgeous wife I’m thankful for everyday
every night i close my eyes to a dreamlike state
But wait, when I awake the nightmare awaits,
thinking how did get here and how can I escape
and I hate the very thought of my sisters being raped,
by some dude who she wouldn’t give the time of day
man I can’t just lay back, yawn, and say, “I made it”
I ain’t satisfied til I see them gates raided
Take em from the hood, to the streets that’s gold plated
A place where nothing but good is celebrated

Verse 4
I’m on the road to becoming a doctor, no surgeon
Paid the price through many late nights of page turning, look
My sight fixed on my grand kids, grand kids,
So they ca say my great// gramps did it big
College is paid for, whip got four doors, no leaky roof while they’re standing in the corridor
No shortcuts just hard work, I earned it
Taught some hard lessons, but thankful that I learned em
My dogg got torched by a burner and then they urned him
And he was on the honor roll before the block turned him
Now as surely as the world turns, I stand determined
To make souls ready for a king who’s returning


Play to Win

Hook: I Play to Win//////
I Don’t Play the Fence//////

Yeah! It’s so intense
Yeah! I’m so intent
Yeah! put me in the game/
Yeah! I play to win //
Never play pretend

Verse 1
I dun came up, game up, fast ball, change up
whatever they throw I’m ready for, it’s gone before he let it go
In my zone before I let it flow, pound for pound and toe to toe
Jon Jones, St. Pierre, Anderson Spider Silva
I’m on my M.J. and I ain’t talking Magic Johnson,
I’m talking Michael Jordan, up there like David Thompson
I talking Phoenix Suns hops boi Kevin Johnson, dunking on Olajuwon, Houston you got a problem
I know, I know because of the way that I flex the pen,
not for the black & yellow, browns, or the redskins,
I’ve been a Saint, you know we marching in,
and when you see us you can greet us or just know we play to win

Verse 2
They say don’t talk me man just show me
Cause most of these dudes is phony
Tryna tell me how to live
when they ain’t even living holy
I know, I feel the same,
But really changed from the old me,
It’s so plain just ask some body who know me
I know, that people be trippin on these preachers who be coping whips
So-called ministers but really they wanna be pimps
One thing I learned is that them hypocrites going to be hypocrites,
but the counterfeit is just further proof that the real exist
I don’t focus on the fake, fraudulent, or flaky
I stay a man of faith, they mistakes don’t make me
Naw, they just distractions, don’t focus on em, focus in 40 yards down field homie…play to win

Verse 3
Some people scare to try, all cause they afraid to fail
but that’s that mental slavery, let me out jail
cause if he is with me than whoever against me won’t prevail
so they can say so whatever they want but still I will excel
Oh well, I’m not consumed with no record sales, if they mean I’m on the track telling all them fairly tales
7See execs want the money, and the artist want the fame
8But they can keep my the change, you won’t find me on a string
Cause for me to win, means in the end I’m still me,
While at the same time, I helping blind eyes see
The crooked ways of this world that we living in,
Mask off I don’t play pretend…we play to win!

For My City

Verse 1
Ugh, you know I do this for my city, Baton Rouge, stand up, no it ain’t always pretty,
it’s gritty, yeah, I admit that this relationship is hilly,
When I turn on the news and just think to myself ‘really’?
And then I think I’ve been gifted and given plenty
And it is a shame if I don’t share what I know with those without any
Some Ren & Stimpy, when cause they minds is empty, cause evidently
they can’t see the traps that’s been snagging people for centuries,
Watch me Watson this is elementary, this truth I’m on will set you free if you give it entry
Them lies we on is Penny Hardaway they full of injuries
And if you don’t peep it then you are bound to repeat history
No mystery we snagging fads from the penitentiary
And they can’t understand why they are under that Eli Whitney
The tires flat, the pedal’s broke, and gears are shifty,
So why we still popping wheelies?

Verse 2
I do this for my city B-Rouge, where we known to act a fool
Feel like the boss when you stunting through these avenues
Feel like a playa when she slipping out them Jimmy Choo’s
But like a fool if that AIDS clinic calling you
I don’t conform to this modern rule
Mindset of a mogul mentoring multitudes
I am not perfect but I am working trying to be that dude
To exemplify success we can all accrue
They selling being stupid is now, like the latest fashion
With Js on, still they walk up into check into cashes
Its all image, what we need to do is stop faken
and selling out when microphones are placed in our faces
I tired of dumbs stuff, like calling women b’s and h’s
and using rap song to promote our self hatred
If you don’t get this, I suggest you get a revelation
A new future’s in the making


Verse 1
When you see that diamond white pearl and it’s whipping around the corner,
I ain’t whipping work or there to buy no marijuana
I know, that the block is still hot/ like a sauna ‘
I come to reconcile sons and daughters to they father ‘
Wake em out the coma, get em before they gonnas
Time and time again I’ve seen that path end in slaughter
I know, it’s hard to believe that some people can change,
But the reason I believe it is that I used to be the same
My head gone, could have went insane, from ingrain
thoughts inside my brain, thank God I never entertained
Otherwise I would have been dead, others misled,
Another life sentence or 20 shot in the head,
But that truth came, gorilla grip and hit me like a boulder
Now ain’t no gat on me, Imma different kinda soldier
My vantage point is different, since I’m standing on the shoulders
Of all the great minds that came before me

Verse 2
They inject us to infect us and then expect us,
To kill ourselves by living so ignorant and reckless
Exterminate our leaders none can protect us,
We starving…while the grave is eating our young for breakfast
Ending up neck-less, chasing a necklace, young & restless, ended up breathless
We giving our lives in exchange for these temporary pleasures, man
And it’s unfortunate that a lot of people got it rough,
that’s why I’m soldiered up, the frontline is where I’m posted up
South side, born and raised, see Imma southern boi,
I’ve only seen snow twice, no this ain’t Illinois’
I bringing that education while I’m praying for salvation
cause life is short, gotta make the most, before it’s vacant
You see me planting seeds, I’m just giving what I owe,
it’s called the debt of love, I feed it to em til I see em grow
and plus I’m giving tours in every Corey Wayne flow
Because I show, them the world out-side of the corner store

Verse 3: L-N-P
Frontline, camouflage
I know you see it, oh that’s my squad
They call it yolo, what about that afterlife
Dead to sin and my mind gone, that why I’m tryna live it right
Strapped up with that ammo
That boi Pain no Rambo
I work hard don’t play games better save that for Nintendo
I’m on frontline no frontline got homeboys on the jail line
Imma spit raw and Imma sell mine, so when you get out ain’t no selling dimes
A born sinner, converted winner
I eat that word, that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner
And now I repping soldier to the fullest
Reporting from the frontline, you might catch a bullet
See I at scared of this world dawg, I don’t eat the world I got word dawg
Living water in my cup, I be on some holy stuff
If you looking for me please don’t look behind
I ain’t living in the past so catch me on the frontline!

Pipe Dream

Grind like morphine, num to His offering,
money was first love I tried to give her offspring,
Going Hard in the paint call me Home depot
Wanted paint candy plus flakes on the regal
Nah I’m lying yall can save that to them trap stars,
Give you boi a Bentley coupe, Benz or a double r
Range rover, rolls Royce give me foreign car,
With some foreign currency, I might buy star
Swiss account (swiss account!) send my funds abroad,
call me Rick Ross Imma security guard,
At least I thought I was til I realized that I was caught up,
Hooked on a pipe dream, so my lungs were smoked up,
Not emotional still I (**couch) was chocked up,
about to forfeit my future for living fast and furious
ahhh! Come close I might hit you with my second hand
Until you get a hit of my masters plan

Verse 2
After what I don’t have
Cause I feel like I got to get it
Without it I’m empty, With it I feel their envy
I remember the first time that I laced some fresh Jay’s
had the fresh out fit to go with them and the fresh fade
I was only in middle school but she asked me was I paid
Addicted to the feeling, attention is what I craved
I never forgot that moment, rewind it then I played
Then it become a mindset, or the way my mind stayed
Gring over gravel, my mind narrow no double barrow,
Stairway to heaven I’m climbing upon the tower babel
that street hustling ain’t good for longevity
So I put on my coat and tie billionaire when they bury me
Cursed but feeling gifted
Fold it and, I lick it
Roll and smoked, this dream don got me lifted
Little did I know my foe, done got me sifted
Until my eyes are open to something different

Verse 3
I’m chasing this American dream I plot and scheme,
It seems, I’ll do anything i can to get creme,
Living life in a cloud of smoke holding to steam,
Never satisfied, letting greed dictate the means, uh
Another casualty, my life slipping gradually,
False mentalities bred in these false realities
Now I’m blind to time, couldn’t sense my own mortality,
Flying high while ignore all signs of gravity
The grind got me ready shine, get me dime
or dead presidents, nevermind, Franklin are fine
Greed, seeded inside and sprouted a vine
— now its manifested evils of all kinds
Bought a ticket, and watched a screen
Triple black whip, uh triple beam
but they never showed, them deleted scenes
(Never showed) or the consequences either now I-I-I’m a fiend

I Need You

I need you
Oh how I need you, Lord
Oh how I need you,
I really need you, Lord
Oh how I need you,

Verse 1
Somebody say church, yeah, play it on the organ,
They trying to activate my reproductive organs,
Time and time again I am finding time for me to sin
About the same time I say that I won’t I do it again
Hip-hop taught me pimp women and drink Jen,
But rarely how to escape the situations I’m in
I sowed, so I’m reaping the consequences within,
So to paint this whole picture lemme borrow your pen,
the first bars that I write are for connection,
second protection, third correction
hoping that by the time I getting off of my knees,
He can steer me in the right direction
My life is what I wanna to give,
You gave me life just to see me live, For you that is,
True life’s definition, Without <> you life’s missing, therefore

Verse 2
Living life everyday pushing you away
When without you, I would’ve never seen the light of day
Sitting in the dark searching for a brighter day
Has anybody seen the Son’s hideaway
How could I ever think, I don’t need you
Can’t believe I grabbed the wheel and tried to lead you
Even cooked some rhymes and tried to feed you
You know the kind that could never really please you
Pause: None of these made “Endangered Species” (mixtape)
I threw em in the trash after pressing delete
But the lessons I learned didn’t escape me
But I pray that they make me
More of a doer, less of a writer,
more of a man of God, Jehovah-Jireh
To walk upright and humble as you require
God, I make you both Lord and Messiah

Verse 3
Even though you come through like clock work
Still sometimes I question just how the clock works
Why is it so difficult to trust and be patient
[Why are] the hardest things so basic
I’m talking simple things, like pray and read
Close my eyes, get my knees,
Cause if I’m tripping, it must be over my own feet
Cause if I draw near to you, you draw near to me


I feel the-time slipping, while we out here in these streets tripping,
He keeps his cup full, but can’t see the enemy dipping,
The game got em upside down, now the sand quickens,
Money mirage, got him drifting on the Mississippi,
That muddy water…where the beast laying underneath
He lurking and I’m praying that the tides don’t sweep
Now you in something deep, wishes you was up a creek
Even with a paddle he is too far for them hear scream,
as you sink the only thing that you smell is creams
As you think, the second splits, is this the way to leave the scene
Yeah, its unfair to live without the proper means
But its worse to die of thirst from these ghetto dreams
All wet, nightmare feel the cold sweat,
Got your seed under siege feel the conquest
the reflections of ya soul still screaming regrets
They writing R.I.P. on the window but there is no rest

I Want You to Know

I’m the one who died to freed you
the only one, who’ll never leave you
I want you to know //
To know just how much I love you,
I am always thinking of you

Verse 1
I am The, There is no other (Isaiah 43:11)
love like mine that sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24)
My love is intimate, but still meant to be discovered
you can search far and wide, but never find another (1 Corinthians 8:5)
Who shows compassion to the unworthy,
love everlasting to the undeserving
Divine Mercy, not quick to judge
Look no further, just look above

Verse 2
Unconditional my love is, pure compassion, tenderness
Goes beyond race, for all men, beyond imitation, its genuine
It reached down, full of grace and mercy,
to feed the hungry, refresh the thirsty,
Doesn’t run away, but addresses sin
stands between anything that oppresses men
Granting freedom, chains off
new day, blood washed
Save the lost, finds the searching
only sacrificial, I love became servant (Philippians 2)

Verse 3
My love is real, and it burns for you
beyond time, cemented in truth
Can’t be redefined, it is found in me
Once crucified, the risen king
Forever present, forever was
Was, is and is come to
Forever sovereign, forever reign
Love is my nature, know me for who I am

Until Forever

As I walk through time,
I dreamed of making you mine
Put your hands in mine,
as I will give you my all
Your my all in all
The one that my heart longs for
and I will lead girl,
yes I will lead you
I will lead you to forever

When it comes to you girl I don’t have to think,
I just let my heart speak, this is pen and ink,
As I dip the tip to script this letter,
Picture my quil pen with the feather,
No eraser, these words will last forever
No man can separate what’s together
Of everything under the sun, you’re my treasure
My love for you is beyond measure
It’s so high and its off the charts
There’s only one key that fits this heart
My love, my beauty, my lady
My queen, my wife, Jamie

Everyday got me writing on a new sheet,
in awe of the way God’s blessed me
I’m saying please don’t wake me, let me dream
As I look into the eyes of a true queen
..Catch my reflection as I’m looking back
I see the future and girl we never looking back
Reservations for two I got our bags packed
You can’t match this unless you go n light a match
Uh, and this fire never dies out
It just grows, tell the world watch out
Love is still here and its coming through
and it’s Personified, through me and you

Honestly, words can’t express
The state of my love in its fullness
It more like the stars under clear skies
breathing fresh air, listen to the soft tides
yeah!, I lost in the evening
until the sun returns to deep end
and we still there, love is still here
until the sun and the moon both disappear
we treat life like a romance
Thanks for the pleasure of this dance
take my hand now and let me lead
You and me right into eternity

Love Is

I know that you love me
I know what true love is
Being with you is all that I want
You got me up high, touch the sky
turn around can’t take back the hands of time
that feeling of love, that special love
love…love, this is what love is

Hello Ms. Love you got me feeling like,
Head over heels you got me feeling lite,
Swag flowing you got me feeling right,
It’s true, with you you got me feeling life,
Uh…So I’m saying…that where ever you are is where I’m staying
i can’t fight this smile im displaying
My face ain’t seen one in a while
I think it’s crazy how you changed my style
I’m in the mirror like look at me now
10But for real though, how you took this heart,
so cold molded it like a work of art,
11 I’m so thankful gone from a place so dark
I can’t repay the debt or reach the height of the cost
Can’t believe how you love me, drop my jaw
Your forgiveness was enough to make me marvel and awe
Despite my imperfections and all of my faults
Still you fought through a cross not to keep us apart,
Couldn’t see you then now I know who you are
Lord I love you, you were there from the start

Whole Spot Rockin

We got the whole spot rockin//
We in here now
They tried to block the door so we blew it down
They tried to shut us up but we shut it down
Get used to having us around
Tell ya mommy and ya granny
That it’s going down!!

Verse 1
I hate when people try to tell me what I shouldn’t do
When they base it on the fact of what they couldn’t do
I’m so sorry…you must be confused
My name is Corey Wayne… not some other dude
Pioneer and visionary I stay motivated
City streets of Baton Rouge now I’m educated
I am living life to fullest, I ain’t tryna make it
Everyday we celebrate it

By staying Dedicated destiny and purpose squared concentrated
Escalated elevated levitated graduate upgraded
undisputed champions we heavy weighted
Flow is trinitrotoluene when its detonated

Verse 2
Once I step up on the stage, they know what it is
Every time we hit the spot you know we going in
Showing love to er body people think we kin,
Ain’t nobody wilding, let the violence suspend
And if they don’t know-they goin know, just what I represent
Gods will homie over trying to get them ends
But once I get it, we goin get like never lived
Imma put my city on a hill

By staying Dedicated destiny and purpose squared concentrated
Escalated elevated levitated graduate upgraded
undisputed champions we heavy weighted
Flow is trinitrotoluene when its detonated

Verse 3
Uh um, this ain’t that umbrella stuff
This ain’t that make it rain, this is that change the weather stuff
Change is good, it is about time that we change it up
Cold world, we droppin heat in until you feeling it warming up
uh It’s more than money cars and clothes here
Windshield wiper flow they leaving with their vision clear
Forever is near so let the past disappear
Fast forward like you shifting gears

By staying Dedicated destiny and purpose squared concentrated
Escalated elevated levitated graduate upgraded
undisputed champions we heavy weighted
Flow is trinitrotoluene when its detonated