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Becoming… As I attempted to balance working three jobs, going to school, and being an artist it became apparent that something had to give. Eventually, I left my minimum wage job, which freed up some much needed study time. Unfortunately, I was battling a serious case of “senioritis”, so I[…]


Parallel Universe

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The beginning, beginning (part 3 – Parallel Universe) On stage Having discovered a newfound gift and hobby of rapping was exciting. I love rocking stages and meeting new people, but leaving audiences with something to “stop, pause and think” about was even better. Thus, my adoption of the stage moniker,[…]


The beginning, beginning… (part 2)

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The Beginning, Beginning… (part 2) To provide the proper context, I should mention that I am by most accounts an introvert, or more inwardly directed. For example, I have no problem going to a movie theater alone (which my wife thinks is crazy), or working alone for long periods of[…]


Blog: The Beginning, Beginning… (part 1)

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Growing up, I never once thought of being a rapper. Never. My only brush with the genre came in elementary school when regularly given the choice between writing a half page poem and a one page essay. I chose the poem every time. I switched up the choruses of popular[…]