Parallel Universe

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The beginning, beginning (part 3 – Parallel Universe)

On stage
Having discovered a newfound gift and hobby of rapping was exciting. I love rocking stages and meeting new people, but leaving audiences with something to “stop, pause and think” about was even better. Thus, my adoption of the stage moniker, “Selah”. Hearing people say things like “Your music really impacted my life” and

hearing people quote lines from songs that I wrote was kind of surreal.
After all, I was just a college student.

Off stage
Around this time, I had went from a broke, college underclassman with an ordinary social life to a working (but still broke) college upperclassman with a dope new hobby. I remember staying on campus my freshmen year experiencing life away from home. I enjoyed the freedom of making my own decisions and working to provide for myself. Unfortunately, I was only making $5.15/hr, the legal minimum, so that wasn’t providing much. Admittedly, during one finals week I was forced to miss work to study, which resulted in a $50 pay check!! Embarrassing…I had made more than that selling candy at school and working one night at the concession stand of a SU football game and selling Christmas cards around my neighborhood and… (I could go on). Needless to say, the struggle was real.
As our music hustle began to pick up and I continued to progress through school, I began to try and increase my income and music productivity, simultaneously. Although fans enjoyed our music, putting out high quality albums was not easy or cheap considering the cost of equipment, CD duplication, graphics, etc. Plus, things became more complicated for me as I was forced to think about what I was going to do after college. Professionally, the more I learned about where I needed to be, the more I realized that I had a lot of work to do. I had yet to:

• …build credit,
• …gain work experience in my field, or
• …connect with a community of young professionals to build a strong network.

I needed to act quick. At one point, I held three part-time jobs: one because I had been there for so long, another because I needed to gain experience working in my field, and a third that gave me the opportunity to work with kids in our inner city.

Making my dreams a reality was hard work.

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