The beginning, beginning… (part 2)

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The Beginning, Beginning… (part 2)

To provide the proper context, I should mention that I am by most accounts an introvert, or more inwardly directed. For example, I have no problem going to a movie theater alone (which my wife thinks is crazy), or working alone for long periods of time. Thus, for me to be venturing into performing arts was a stretch to some degree. On the other hand, I did not consider myself as a shy person either. Public speaking, for example, did not intimidate me, so I guess I fell somewhere in the middle. Nevertheless, I soon worked up enough courage to let a friend of mine, who was a producer, hear the song that I wrote. He told me that he liked what I wrote (I think he was lying, haha) and encouraged me to keep writing, so I took his advice. More surprisingly, he invited me to attend regular sessions at his studio.

Astonishingly, I was offered an opportunity to be a member of a rap group. Then writing turned into recording, and eventually live performances. I remember thinking during one of my first solo performances, “This is crazy! I don’t do this!” as a room full of my friends anxiously awaited to hear me rap. “What is he going to say?” “What is it going to sound like?” I felt like I could hear the thoughts in their heads. However, once the beat dropped, I did it and couldn’t take it back! I was now a part of an official local rap act.

As I reflect on that moment, two things come to mind. First, when I was reciting raps at 9 I had no fear or regard for what others would think. Now at age 21, why was the fear of what people might say such an obstacle at first? I realized that I had become more inward as I came to find out that this world can be a cold place. Negativity, betrayal, and disloyalty from peers had caused me to be a bit more observing and less trusting of people. Most importantly, negative experiences caused me to lose part of the fearless attitude I once had. Performing, for me, was in some ways rediscovering myself.

Second, communicating through rap made sense to me. Before, I had been somewhat turned off by the portrayals of what rap and rappers were all about. Like uncovering buried treasure, I now realized that I had been given a gift and it was through God’s timing that it was buried and discovered at the right time — after my identity had been found in Christ. Truthfully, if I had been rapping in middle/high school, I could have easily mimicked the nonsense that has contaminated much of our culture.

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