***A Few Words to My BR Family***

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Over the past week, I have received numerous texts, calls, and social media messages about “Stop, Pause Vol. 1″.

First, I am humbled by all the positive responses to my debut solo album. Thanks to everyone who has and will give this project a listening ear. It was truly an honor to work with so many talented (225) artists on this project and I appreciate them all. Some of you have asked how you can help our movement. Here are three ways:

1) Support the movement. Retweeting, Facebook sharing, playing the album at your business, home, party, etc…
2) Leaving positive feedback. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc…
3) Promote the music. Alert your favorite radio station, djs, and media outlets about the album. We would love to provide them with singles, videos, etc….

Second, to my childhood friends, colleagues, and classmates from the capital city, I realize that to some of you hearing and seeing me rapping may be surprising, but the secret has been out for a few years now. My album can be found on iTunes, Google Play, etc… or by contacting me directly (I’d love to here from you). I hope you will check out the project and let me know what you think. By all means, listen and share.

Third, I believe this release is appropriately timed and relevant for BR. As I have had the opportunity to travel and interact with some of the nation’s brightest minds, I cannot help, but think of the tremendous gap that exists between the learned and the unlearned, the rich and poor (mentality), LA and the states, and most importantly where I was years ago and where I am headed now, by the grace of God. I hope that “Stop, Pause Vol. 1″ leaves a positive impact on our community by helping people devote their time and energy towards things that benefit them, their families, and society (long term). Salute to everyone who continues to move forward and leave the red stick a better place. The same goes for my family in the Big Easy, the 337, and everywhere else. Life is full of great opportunities, but they are rarely handed to us. Let’s continue to be good stewards together.




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