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From the underground hip-hop scene of Baton Rouge, LA comes Corey Wayne, an artist with a unique background and chart-topping talent. Since his first coming out as “Se-Lah” of local hip-hop act Sanctified Syndicate to cameos on Deluge’s (Integrity Music) freshmen and sophomore albums, his lyrical genius, unapologetic content, and passionate delivery have earned him respect among Louisiana’s top artists. In 2011, he released his first mixtape titled, “Endangered Species”, which received positive reviews from both the streets and rap critics. His debut album titled “Stop, Pause Vol. 1” is a retrospective look into the thoughts of a man with big dreams, a changed life, and a heart to inspire people to be great.

“Stop, Pause Vol. 1” mixes syrupy southern lyricism with head nodding musical vibes. The result is a sound that is palatable for all audiences. A highly educated MC and former high school teacher, Corey has spent most of his life working with youth in the Red Stick, a place plagued by many socio-economic hardships. “Stop, Pause Vol. 1” is true to his Christian faith, core values, love for his city, desire to be an example, and hunger for success. “My goal is to paint lyrical portraits of reality in ways that cause listeners to stop, pause, and reflect. I want to change the way people think (for the better),” says the husband, father of two, and doctoral candidate.

In a rap game saturated with anthems of self-indulgence, violence, and negativity, he aims to be a voice of authenticity, hope, and inspiration. Corey Wayne’s “Stop, Pause Vol. 1” releases on March 4, 2014.


Stop, Pause Vol. 1 Cover Art:

Sample Stop, Pause CD Booklet Front Cover


Stop, Pause Vol. 1 Tracklisting:
1. Stop, Pause (Produced by SuperStar O)
2. Play to Win (Produced by SuperStar O)
3. For My City (Produced by SuperStar O)
4. Frontline ft. Love-N-Pain (Produced by B-Wright; Additional credit to Kidd Los, Crayton Williams)
5. Pipe Dream ft. Jolisa Singletary (Produced by Vybe Beatz)
6. I Need You ft. David Jones (Produced by T-Customz)
7. Homies ft. Da Navigator, Carlos Vaughn & A.V. (Produced by Da Navigator)
8. I Want You to Know ft. Angel Victoria (Produced by Platinum Sellers Beats)
9. Until Forever (ft Dustin West) (Produced by SuperStar O)
10. Love is ft Tim James & Rayne Meyers (Produced by SuperStar O)
11. Whole Club Rockin (Produced by SuperStar O)

Mixed by Sanctified Sound Studio
Mastered by Jah Rockin Productions
Executive Producer: Corey Wayne
Artwork by Baham Ink, L.L.C.

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